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MY PLACES TO VISIT is a member of the Association of owners of online tourist media in Bulgaria – ASTOM, which is a guarantee of quality and reliability of the published information.

As a travel blogger, I provide real and reliable information about the places I visit, trying to be as comprehensive as possible.

Tens of thousands are the readers and social media followers that I inspire daily with my exceptional photographs and interesting experiences. Tens of thousands of people from Bulgaria and abroad trust me because of the authentic information and useful advice that I publish.

I travel a lot. For me, every trip is equally important, regardless of whether it will be to a village 20 km from Sofia or to a distant, exotic part of the world. I am always looking for the exceptional and the unique.

My photos are unique and professionally executed. I have my own way of looking at things and stamp moments and places with my own handwriting.

If you wish to:

reach a new audience
to build an authentic image through professional photographs
to position your product on my blog and reach a larger audience
to promote your product and become a brand ambassador
to get reviews for different activities and accommodations
get a sponsored post on the blog and social networks
share your personal impression of a place of accommodation, destination or service,

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I will introduce you in the best way!

Let `s work together!

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